Tau/Choo’s Cafe

This is one of the most convenient place to eat in MMU since it is located near the lecture halls. The second nearest would be Sirah Utara, which is quite far from the lecture halls.

And you what? The food is so god damn expensive!!! everytime I eat there, the minimum I need to spend it RM4.00+ (Usually RM4.50 and above) For god’s sake! Do they even know how the fuck to calculate! Today I went there again and the charge me RM4.80 for a chicken and some sotong. O_O Totally what the fuck!!! RM2.00 for the chicken and RM2.00 for the sotong and RM0.80 for the rice. The sotong is overpriced. If it is at my home town, I believe that I can get the same thing at around RM3.00

I won’t be going there for a long time…

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