Change Guy

I’m currently addicted to a korean manwha, Change Guy. This is just another manga/manhwa that I pick up randomly. And also, this is the first full-length manhwa aka korean comic that I read. (The previous is Sunnyuh Descends) I usually don’t pay much attention for manhwa because of the name of the characters. (quite long, like chinese)

Change Guy

Choi Woo Soo is a brilliant young student who is the best of his class. Kang Too Jee is a troublemaking young man who can bring down 15 people in less than 5 minutes. These two characters have nothing in common until they unwittingly switch bodies in an experiment gone horribly wrong. They were dragged in while unconscious to be the guinea pigs of an experiment in body switching and awoke ignorant as to what had happened. While waiting to find a solution, each has to live in the body of the other and take in the good and bad of their new lives.

Basically, this is a typical shonen comic. If you Dragon Ball or Tenjou Tenge, you may like this. Change guy is like a combination of Dragon Ball with Tenjou Tenge. The main character will fight stronger and more stronger enemy. (Like there is no end to it)

Definitely worth a try. Recommended. o.o-b

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