Izumo -Takeki Tsurugi no Senki-


Based on the H-RPG by Studio ego!

Yagi Takeru is a student who goes to Izumo Academy. He has no family but he spends his days with his friends like Yamato Takeshi who is his bestfriend aswell as his rival in kendo, Shiratori Kotono and her sister, Asuka.

One day, an abrupt earthquake changed the school completely. The teachers and the students disappeared and the school was infested with monsters. Takeru managed to escape from the school, but he found all his friends and even his town were gone. Then suddently people wearing odd uniforms appeared.

The non-hentai version of Izumo. This anime is pretty bad. The character design is quite ok, very cute looking compared to the game. I havent watch the h-version of it, so cant really make a comparison. One of the major problem is the background. The background is just….too plain. Its making me feel that it is blank or something. And because of that, the whole environment in the anime is ruined. I really hope that they put more effort for the background so that it will look better. And the evil side actually doesnt look evil at all (except 1 or 2 characters) O_O The ending is also kinda weird. I expect it to be a BIT longer.

My rating: 4/10

Not really recommended unless you want to see some pretty cute girls.

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