The 3G War

Yet another war between the telcos in Malaysia. Now is not about prepaid plan, but 3G! Currently, only 2 telephone service providers that can offer 3G service in Malaysia, which are Celcome and Maxis.

The war? Advertisement. It is so obvious that they are fighting each other with the same concept of TV advertisement! It is about some dude that need to do something urgent/being chase. And the ad is divided into several parts, and each part is linked to each other. Of coz, in the ad, they use 3G to solve the “problem” that they are facing.

Actually, there is even some minor “fighthing” between 3 major supermarkets in Malaysia. Tesco, Giant and Carrefour. Few days ago, i saw an ad by Carrefour which compare the receipts between the 3 supermarkets. Of coz, they are not printing the name there, but with some similarity.

I wonder when this will end… xD

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