The Island

A new movie. Just watch it last Tuesday with my friends at The Mines.

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The film’s plot centres around a futuristic colony of people, blissfully unaware of any outside world. After a seemingly random amount of time, they are told they are being moved to “The Island,” supposedly a wondrous, utopian paradise. Lincoln Six-Echo (McGregor) happens upon evidence of the outside world, and becomes curious. His curiosity leads him to spy on the inner workings of the facility, where he discovers the truth; he and everyone else in the colony, save for the staff, is a clone, and when they are supposedly being moved to “The Island,” they are really being killed, and their organs harvested for transplant to their “sponsor,” or original person, whose need for the organs corresponds to who will “win the lottery.” When Lincoln’s friend, Jordan Two-Delta (Johansson) is called to be moved to The Island, Lincoln makes a desperate attempt to escape to the outer world, taking Jordan with him.

a very interesting sci-fi movie with tons of actions.

i’ll give it a 8/10 😀

*many big sponsor in this movie like microsoft (MSN and xbox), cisco, and chevy if iirc…

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