This is just another idea of mine. xD coz i saw several MMU online community, like MyMMU.Net

The site is portal based, which i think very messy. Especially with side bar, and not-so-ease-on-eye skin/template.

so, what is MMU-Online.Net? Well, since no one is using this domain, i think it is quite suitable for a MMU online community. I’ll have use open source scripts like phpbb to avoid any legal stuff… will be the main page like a portal, where u can see the latest news, and links… – teh forum! xD

High possibility that I’ll place ad on the site, since I need some profit to keep the site running. Every profit that I’ll from the ad will go to the site…But definitely no side bar.

I also will encourage people to offer their own services like printing, burning, etc for students, especially cyberjaya student.

I dont think I’ll add image gallery, games and things like that into the site.

– Life @ MMU – well, ur life at MMU! maybe you can share some interesting stuff that u encounter during ur whole day in MMU.
– Academic – academic talk, lecturers, tips on studying, etc…
– MMU – cant think of a nice name. this is actually where you can post ur own opinion on MMU, like the management, infrastructure, etc….
– Clubs & Society
*All the above will be inside the “MMU” category…

– General – not MMU related things….will include sub forum like technology, etc…

I’ll try to not to create many forums at first, since it will usually make some forums “deserted”.

anyways, this is just my idea. it most prob wont come true…

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