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Tremour 30.09.09

Today I felt a tremour when I’m just about to leave the office… don’t know whether the others got evacuate the building or not. But I saw few of them (from other company) outside of the building when I left. I also saw bomba at EDS Cyberjaya. Not sure why though… the people still outside hen I left at about 9pm.

Lost (and found) Keys and Spoilt Modem

What an unlucky day for me yesterday. I lost my motor key when I finish work! I have no idea where I lost the key coz I stay at the office the whole day. I searched my desk, the toilet, etc and I cant find my keys. After that, I decided to ask the guard. And they said no one return any key to them. By that time, I’m kinda worry since it is already late (9.30pm~) But luckily my colleague was still here and he said he’ll fetch me back to my home to take my spare keys. After that he drive me back to the office again! I’m really grateful to him and cant thank him enough!

Once I reached home, my housemate told me that the modem is spoilt and cant be use! How bad can it be?! But, I can still survive without internet for just few hours. :p

This morning I went to the TMPoint at Serdang/SK (thanks to Wei Chong for the info!) to exchange the modem. The kak there told me that this is a small branch, so they cant exchange the modem for me. She said that I need to go to either PJ or Kajang to exchange the modem. WTF?

Before I go to work, I decided to go to the TMpoint at Cyberjaya to give it another try. At the TMpoint there, I actually waited there for more than half hour before it reach my number! Those people are damn slow at serving their customer… really inefficient. I have no idea why one of the guy took more than half hour to serve an old guy for applying streamyx. Anyway, the kak that serve me exchanged the modem for me (although it is not a new one, but better than none) :D

And the worst thing happen when I reach the office. I ask the guard (different from yesterday) whether they saw my key or not, and they said they saw it and kept it in the drawer. WTTTTTFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!! They just make me worry the whole night for nothing. -.-

Well, I hope that the same wont happen to me again. :)

More Work!

Finally… a weekend where I can spend some time for doing house chore and enjoying life. But my boss call me just now and ask me whether I can come to the office and work now. ._. What the hell! I’ve been working continuosly for the past 27+ days! All my friends also said why I work so hard… even my housemate said that they rarely see me… >_> You can refer to my previous post for my previous rant.

I ain’t going to office now. Coz two of my team members are not going to office, why should I?


I’m REALLY busy recently. Been working non-stop for the past 3 weeks (aka 21 days!) and i’m going to work on this weekend, AGAIN. And I’ve been working over time for at least 4hours a day, for a week! I dont know when I’ll breakdown… too much work and too much pressure. I hate my current project coz it is totally f*cked up. And this is my first project…

Hopefully this project will finish soon… dont think I can last any longer… need to take a break…