Myself; Yourself – 13 (Final)

Episode 13 is the final episode of Myself; Yourself. In this episode, they explained the person that set fire on Nanaka’s house. The guy who did it is Nanaka’s father! But, they are actually not blood related! Her actual father is the violin teacher. The violin teacher is her father and mother’s friend. And basically her mother did it with him (and get pregnant) before marrying her father. Her father can’t accept this and decided to kill his wife and himself. So, that’s it for Nanaka’s story. For Sana’s story, it is basically about Sana getting bullied in his previous school. Because of that, he tried to suicide before. (That’s why he covers his wound using the watch) After that, they just jump to 10 years later where everyone are grown up and live happily ever after. xD

More black blood aka censorship.

Hoshino’s hair style is… really bad. >_>

Confirm it is twincest.

Nanaka, 10 years later.

This series is actually pretty good. Better than I expected. I’ll give it an 8/10. J

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