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Chinese New Year 2010

A bit late, but just want to note down things that I did this year’s CNY:

Eve of CNY: Family reunion dinner.

Day 1 of CNY: Visit Neoh’s house in the afternoon. Watch people play cards.

Day 2 of CNY: Visit Choon Hoong’s house in the afternoon. Play a bit of cards.

Day 3 of CNY: Reunion dinner with friends in the afternoon. After that, visit Huey Wuen’s house. Watch and play cards. Night went to Jackie’s place and fix her bro’s computer. But didn’t manage to fix it. :/

Day 4 of CNY: Noon went to Wei Chong’s house. Only few “kittens” there and stayed there only for a short while.

Day 5 of CNY: Night visit Engchi’s house.

Rest of CNY: Spend time with family!

Delayed Train

Two weeks ago I took the train to go back to my hometown coz that Friday is a public holiday (Labour Day). But damn, the train that I took was delayed for more than 1 hour! The train that I took was the Ekspress Rakyat at 2.20pm, but due to some unknown reason, they announced that the train will be delayed till 2.45pm. Ok la… half hour I still can tahan.

People waiting at KL Sentral

So, after half hour, they finally annouced that the train had arrived! Yay!…? By that time, the waiting area already got many people waiting… you can see from the pic above.

Going down to the platformTons of ppl rushing down to the platform after they announced that the train is here.

Blackout in the trainNow, this is the worst part. When I reached the platform, I saw that inside that train it is completely dark! I had a very bad feeling that time coz last time I rode a train, the train dont have aircon! So, I go to my coach and see whether that one got light or not. But it also dark. When I went inside, it was like a sauna room! I don’t know how the hell the people inside the coach can sit there and wait. After that I just come out from the train and wait outside. Cant remember how long I waited, but after a while, the train got the light back and I went inside. They manage to get the aircond working! :D Buuuut… the train was not moving. Dont know what was the problem… then light and aircon went off again! o_O Seriously, wtf is wrong with KTMB?!?! So, I went out again to get some ‘fresh’ air.

The locomotiveSince I got nothing to do, I just walk around and took some random pic. The pic above is the locomotive. There is another one at the end of the train, and I think that is the one that causing the problem.

Moving train

Finally, at around 4, they manage to get the train running again. Luckily, the train is moving this time. They was playing the “The Terminal” movie in the train. But no sound though. :(

Train arrived at KamparTrain arrived at Kampar

After 2hours, I finally arrived at Kampar! It was faster than usual coz it got less stops.

Train departing from the Kampar stationMy advice for those who planning to take train in the future, avoid taking the Ekspress train! Take the KL-Ipoh shuttle train if you want coz that train got less problem and is cheaper too!

Punctured Tyre

Punctured tyre

My motor tyre was punctured few days ago (Thurs, 23 Apr) when I just finish working. I have to ride my bike all the way from Cyberjaya to my house at Seri Kembangan! (Around 10km) And that time is at night some more, 9pm-ish. I think this is the second time that I have a punctured tyre this year! I hate the road in Cyber! I changed the tube on Friday, but I feel that it is time for me to change the tyre coz I havent change the tyre before (lol, 6 years old tyre)

Changing the tyre

I went to the shop where I usually service my motor for service and also for changing the tyre. I chosed the ‘good’ and ‘bigger’ tyre since I don’t change tyre that often and ‘big’ tyre suppose to be ‘better’. The tyre is a FKR Epsilon HT200… local brand la. Fung Keong Rubber… hahaha… This is a universal tyre, so you can use for rear or front tyre. Since the tyre is bigger, I need to change the tube to a bigger tube too.

Old tyre and the tube

Fitting the new tyre to my bike

I also changed the engine oil. But it is a local brand also…Hi-Rev. Can’t find the oil that I use in the website. This shop sure like to recommend local stuff to me… maybe he is supporting the ‘Buatan Malaysia’ campaign. :D

The engine oil that I use for my bike (MOS)

New tyre - FKR Epsilon HT200

Total damage: RM70. Tyre RM55, new tube (bigger) RM5 and engine oil RM10. I’m very broke now…

Seiko 5

Seiko 5 on my hand

I lost my last watch few years ago and I havent wear any watches since then. But now I find it a bit inconvenient coz the only way that I can check the time is by using my handphone. If I’m riding my bike, I cant check the time! Since I’m working now, I can afford my own watch! :D I decided to get myself a ‘dress watch’ coz it suite formal attire aka work. After juggling between Casio and Seiko, I finally decided to get a Seiko! The reason why I choose a Seiko watch is because it is a automatic-mechanical watch, which valued more for their workmanship and aesthetic appeal, or simple because it is cool! :p

But automatic watch got few downside la… first, you need to wear it daily to keep the watch moving coz automatic watch is not operated by battery but by your hand movement. Second, automatic watch need extra care if compared to quartz watch coz it got more moving parts. And it is less accurate than quartz watch too. But ppl usually buy a mechanical is becoz of it craftsmanship and for collection purpose.¬† For now, I’ll be using this watch, but in the future I might get a quartz watch coz it is more suitable for daily use.

Chinese Foreigner

China Flag

Today I went to the bank to do something and I met a chinese foreigner there. From the look, I think he is a MMU/LKW student. I was taking my number and he came to me and ask me whether I can speak Mandarin or not. But he asked it in But, I dont understand what he is asking! The term he uses is too ‘technical’ for me! Since I dunno what he talking about, I just guess la. Maybe he want to open an account or something. And he said he want to fill up some form. So I said I’m not that sure, maybe you can ask the bank staff and see. Then he ask me whether the staff know mandarin or not. (!!!) The problem is, all the staff there are Malays. I doubt that they know Mandarin. So, I dont have choice and help him ask the staff la. I told the staff that he wants to open an account (my assumption la) But he said¬† ‘nonono’. o_o Then he said he wan to withdraw money (something like that). At that time, I’m really confused and I dont really know what to tell the staff. Luckily the staff kinda know what he was talking about and she ask him is it that he wants to do remittance/Western Union thing. Finally, he said ‘yes’! Glad that the staff understand what he is trying to ask! But I kinda paiseh coz I didnt manage to help him in the end. ^_^;;