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Japanese Curry and Calpis Water

Curry and riceFew weeks ago I cooked some Japanese curry for lunch. Preparing it is kinda mafan coz I need to peel the potato and carrot! Other than that, it is quite easy to cook. The most important ingredient is the curry roux. Basically, what you need to do is put all ingredients into the pot and boil it!

Japanese CurryThis is the curry. A vegetarian curry. Lol. Can’t find any suitable meat for it, so I didn’t put any in it. But it still taste quite good! I feel that the curry is actually a fail product coz it is not very ‘thick’. Maybe because I put too much water in it.

Premium CalpisThe Calpis water. I never try this drink before and I heard that it is quite popular in Japan. This thing is not cheap! ^_^;  The taste of Calpis is like Yakult. Not very special if you ask me. And you can probably buy 10 bottles of Yakult with that price… hahaha.

Overall, I’m very satisfy with my meal. ^_^  Not sure if I’m going to cook the curry again…but I still have half box of curry roux left. ^_^;

McValue Buka Puasa

McValue Buka PuasaMcDonald’s is now extending their McValue Lunch promotion to dinner! Of course this is in conjunction of the holy month of Ramadan. So, it is called the McValue Buka Puasa! The McValue Buka Puasa is available every day from 6pm to 9pm. It will be same as the lunch, so you can choose from the 10 sets available. Now you can have more savings! : ^_^

McD’s McValue Lunch vs KFC’s Jom Jimat

If you read my previous post here, I said that I’ll do a comparison between McDonald’s McValue Lunch and KFC’s Jom Jimat. And now here it is! Yeah… I have nothing better to do, lol.

McDonald's McValue LunchKFC's Jom JimatBoth priced around the same price. The McValue Lunch is RM5.95 while the Jom Jimat burger set is RM4.90. Actually I want to try the Jom Jimat chicken rice set which is about the same price as McD’s, but for comparison sake, I chose the burger set.

First, I would like to compare the fries:

KFC 'regular' friesMcDonald's 'regular' friesI cant believe that the KFC’s french fries is damn small! And that is regular and not small! The size is probably around the same as small McD’s fries. And McD’s is much fresher/crispier than KFC’s. McD win hands down on this.

Inside the KFC french friesInside the McD's fries

Next, the burger. McChicken vs Colonel burger. Again, the size! The Colonel burger is freakin’ small! It even smaller than the Ramly burger that you can get at the road side.

McChickenThe Colonel burgerEven though the Jom Jimat is RM1 cheaper than the McValue Lunch, but the McValue give you more! Overall, everything is smaller in the Jom Jimat. I suspect that the drink is a bit smaller too. I haven’t try the Jom Jimat chicken rice set, but I feel that it is kinda expensive since it doesn’t have fries with it. So, for this comparison, I’ll give McDonald’s a win :good: because it is overall better than KFC’s Jom Jimat.

Next: Station One vs Island Red Cafe? (But quite expensive though. ^_^;)

Pizza Hut vs Secret Recipe

Yesterday night after work, I suddenly have the urge to eat pizza! So, I went to the Pizza Hut near my home and ordered a Sensasi Set. I’m sure that you are wondering why I put Secret Recipe in the title… this is becoz I had a Chicken Lasagna at Secret Recipe last Monday… kekeke. Secret Recipe is currently having a weekly offer for Chicken Lasagna @ RM9.90. (Missed the previous offer of spagetti meatballs)  The reason why I want to do a comparison is both of them offer similar kinda food (Western/European) and the price range is almost the same.

Chicken Lasagne

First, I’ll start off with the Secret Recipe’s Chicken lasagna. The lasagna come with a whole wheat bun and it is priced at RM9.90 not including taxes. Drink is not included in the offer. The portion is actually quite small, and the lasagna is kinda different from what I expected. The bun is damn hard too. But it does come with a ‘complementary’ chips. If I’m not mistaken, the chips cost RM4 for 8 pieces. The lasagna itself is not bad lah. Not sure why they are giving it out for free though.

Chicken Lasagne with chips

Next, Pizza Hut! There are 3 Sensasi Delight sets for you to choose from. You can either choose the pizza, pasta or rice set. I chose the Italian Chicken Pizza set. The whole set comes with a softdrink, soup, breadstick and the pizza. And the price is quite cheap too, RM7.95.

Pepsi, chicken soup and breadstickLast time, the pizzas for Sensasi Delight sucks. They are very plain and not much ingredient. But the new European Sensations is a big improvement and it taste great too!

Italian Chicken

Well, after tasting both menu from Secret Recipe and Pizzahut, I must say that Pizzahut is a much better choice coz it is cheaper and it comes with more things. The lasagna might taste slightly better, but I still dont think it worth that price. The lasagna is the last weekly offer from Secret Recipe and it will ends at 3rd May. Better go soon if you wanna try it.

Not sure if I should do a another comparison for KFC’s Jom Jimat and McD’s McValue Lunch. :p